We'll make everything
crystal clear

At the heart of development is construction.  Often misunderstood it is ultimately the source of satisfaction or disappointment.  At Sladen Estates we understand the construction process through first hand experience gained with dirty hands and muddy boots. Our contractors are loyal, reliable and above all – accomplished.  Through comprehensive specification, attention to detail and established relationships we ensure that client satisfaction is guaranteed.


We believe in value for money, partnership and above all honesty and integrity in all our dealings.

Proud of what we do

New property is often the most daunting and largest single investment that any company will undertake. Sladen Estates recognises the needs and fears of the corporation and also those of the individual acting on its behalf. We refuse to cut corners, skimp on specifications or enter into contracts we will not ultimately be proud of.

Our architects, engineers, agents, professional advisors and contractors alike are all acknowledged as the best in their particular disciplines.